Be a Chembiter!

Chembites is seeking new authors!

If you are a graduate student, educator or a passionate professional in chemistry longing to share the wonderfulness of the chemical world, come and join us!

Who are we?
We are a group of graduate students and chemistry professions aiming to make chemistry research accessible to people at their early stage of research career and any interested member of the public.

We write about what interests us and what we think is valuable to our readers. Our work is on voluntary basis.

We work to present academic articles in a captivating way. We also plan to build useful and intriguing resources for chemistry educators. So we welcome chemistry educators to join too!

How it works?
All authors write in rotation, each responsible for writing about one post every month and edit another author’s post once per month.
Authors typically write for two years, but this can be adjusted on an individual basis.

What can I gain from joining Chembites?
First, you gain professional development through dissecting papers, writing and editing articles.
Second, you receive thoughtful feedback to improve your science writing from chemists of various fields.
Third, you get to know a worldwide community of science graduates with different specialties, and explore a diverse field of careers!

How to join?

  • Deadline: 11 August, 2017.
  • Application:  A simple introduction of yourself and a sample chembite post.
  • Your background: Name, affiliation, research interests, why you would like to write for Chembites.
  • Sample post: Your chembite should summarize a published chemistry journal article. Do not write about one of your own papers. Your post should give a clear mental picture and discuss the motivation, methods, results, and conclusions of the paper. Title your sample chembite as you would title a post on the site. Chembites are usually between 500-800 words in length, and your post should definitely not exceed 1000 words.
  • Save your chembite as a PDF with the filename “[firstname]_[lastname]_chembite.pdf”
  • Regardless of whether an applicant is selected, submitted sample chembites may be posted as guest posts with the applicant’s permission. We will notify applicants before posting their submissions.

Questions? Contact us at

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